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【LTS】 LTN7732-P16, Platinum 32 Channel NVR, 16 PoE of Ports, 1.5U, SATA up to 16TB, No Pre-Installed Storage

  • Connectable to network cameras with up to 5 Megapixelsresolution.
  • Support live view, storage and playback of video at 5.0Megapixels resolution.
  • 16 independent PoE network interfaces are provided.
  • Zoom in for any area when playback.
  • Playing reversely.
  • Adverse playback for multi-channel.
  • Realize instant playback for assigned channel duringmulti-channel display mode.
  • Digital zoom in live view and playback mode.
  • 16CH simultaneously playback at D1resolution.
  • Customization of tags, searching and playing back by tags. 
  • Searching record files by events (alarm input/motion detection). 
  • Holiday recording schedule configuration.
  • HDD quota management; different capacity can be assigned todifferent channel.
  • Redundant recording.
  • 4 SATA interfaces available.
  • Dual system design ensures high reliability and stability.
  • 1 self-adaptive 10M/100M/1000M network interface.
  • IPv6 is supported.
  • TCP/IP protocol, PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, SADP, SMTP, SNMP, NFS, UPnP and iSCSI are supported.

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  • Number of Camera Channels:  32CH
  • Number of PoE Ports:  16 Ports
  • Max. Storage Capacity:  16TB
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